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Total Seclusion 2021

Dining Table Under the Shade at Private Moroccan Desert Camp

Our 2021 Luxury Private Camping holiday package offers you total privacy in a stunning location in Morocco within the Erg Chigaga dunes.

Getting away from it all takes on a whole new meaning when you look out of your tent and can only see the Sahara Desert stretching before you.

One or more of our fully-furnished Tent Suites can be set up for your personal stay in a beautiful setting, with a team to look after your every need.

For a Honeymoon or simply a private stay or a small group activity, we can provide you with all the same luxuries as the camp, fully serviced and with a range of bespoke activities.

Morocco Sahara Private Camp 2021

Full Board Double Tent Rate

£695.00 per night

Fresh Olives and Olive Oil Condiments on Dining Table at Desert Camp
Tour Camel next to Tent at desert nomad camp in Morocco
Luxury Sleeping, Double Bed at Private Camp Accommodation in Morocco
Seating and Table Outside Tent at the Moroccan Berber Camp
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